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Three times padrepardo

  The site is about photographs taken by padrepardo in various countries and mostly in churches.
Below are a few photographs taken in Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxemburg). For France, Germany, Morocco, Portugal, Spain and the United Kingdom please click the appropriate button. For animations click the Animation-button.



  Below photographs from the Benelux (= Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg).  

Frisian horses in Wetsens - Netherlands

A Frisian horse, Wetsens - Netherlands

Wetsens - Netherlands

A thunderstorm on the way, Wetsens - Netherlands

A Green Man in the church in Herveld-Zuid - Netherlands

A garden gnome, Wetsens - Netherlands

Playing with water, Wetsens - Netherlands

Discussion in Wetsens - Netherlands

Autumn in Luxembourg - Luxemburg

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